Welcome to the simply wonderful Realm of Worship, an exclusive members ONLY place of worship.

The holy shrine where Goddess Miss Kelly’s most dedicated slaves honour her completely.

Here you will find yourself weak and worshiping your Majesty, Goddess Miss Kelly, every day of every week.

You will find thousands of photographic updates to obsess over, pondering over Miss Kelly’s perfect peds, latex clad body and sultry shoes and sneakers.

Discover a plethora of perfect images and gain private access into her World ONLY here inside the Realm.

So… Now that you have got this far, you will find that you will be sticking around. Your mind and soul captured, leaving you helpless and desperate for another ‘fix’ of your one and only Goddess.

Bow down and worship your Great British Goddess Miss Kelly – Welcome to your new religion.



$25.00 – 30 days (non recurring)

$55.00 – 90 days (non recurring)

$100 – 1 day (non recurring)

If you have a slower internet connection, or prefer to download your content for future pleasure, there are plenty of options in the store for you. The store does not require membership and can be accessed by anyone at anytime.



What’s inside the members area?
A large photo library containing thousands of photos.

How do I download all the photos?
You can purchase full photo-sets which are available for download in the store.  The store is separate to the members area and does not require membership.

I would like to arrange a cam or phone session with Miss Kelly, what should I do?
Purchase Her Messenger ID from the store by following this link.